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Manic Street Preachers – Walk Me to the Bridge

April 29th, 2014

So long my fickle friend, I don’t need this…..

Having produced a Q music award winning video for the Manic Street Preachers last summer, we were delighted to hear that they wanted us to produce the band performance in their latest video for their new track ‘Walk Me to the Bridge’. Having effectively worked with Bafta award winning director Keiran Evans on three previous Manics videos, we were confident we could capture yet another amazing video with him at the helm.

The track is the first single from their upcoming album ‘Futurology’ which was recorded in the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin. The video is also set in the German capital, where a young woman follows cryptic clues around the city, which lead her to the hangar where the band are performing.

The shoot took place at our largest location to date, a mammoth aircraft hangar on the outskirts of St Athan. The sheer vast size of the structure left everyone speechless as they arrived. Each of the doors were the size of a family home and it took some effort to pry them open and shut. Gaffer Mark Holownia and his team did an excellent job with 11th Hour Events and Spartan Audio to spark the empty hangar into life with an impressive lighting and sound set up.

Like and Egg are immensely proud of the work and we’re thankful to each member of the crew who made this such a successful shoot. We’re delighted to showcase the wealth of filmmaking talent that Wales has to offer and we look forward to flexing our filmmaking muscles again in the future. Check out the video below!

Atlantic College – Promotional Video

March 11th, 2014

Here’s our latest promotional video that we created for Atlantic College. The unique school is centered in a magnificent medieval castle based in St Donats on the south coast of Wales. The college brings together students from all over the world from contrasting economic and social backgrounds. Through dialogue and social engagement the students teach each other about the world and it’s different cultures.

Atlantic College wanted a video promoting their unique form of education; who better to ask to describe it than some of their own remarkable young students! We ensured we captured the honest thoughts of current pupils to give an open and authentic view of the Atlantic College experience.

Whilst the interviews were important, it was imperative that we captured the marvellous backdrop of where the learning takes place. Walking through the impressive grounds was reminiscent of Hogwarts. There was no end of extraordinary student projects for us to film, such as kayaking and student lead conferences.

Atlantic College is a truly astonishing learning facility and we’re confident that our promotional video reflects this. Check out the video below.