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We have a studio in Pontypridd, South Wales. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we don't mind saying so.

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September 17th, 2014



Video is the best way of telling a story. Special events have a story behind them and as events by their very nature only last a short period of time, video can be vital in making sure their story is told.

In this case Tesco had raised money across their South Wales stores in aid of the Valleys Kids Penyrenglyn project. In an event that brought together over 100 Tesco employees, Valleys Kids staff and local volunteers they set about re-energising the building that has become a lifeline to the community. This was certainly a story worth telling and we were privileged to be chosen to tell it.

I See Monstas – Cirlces

September 3rd, 2014


When we started Like an Egg Productions we felt very strongly about basing ourselves in the Valleys. We wanted to show the rest of the world that this area can offer a unique and amazing experience to filmmakers. So when we were asked to produce a music video for one of the worlds top production companies who’s previous work this year include Beyonce, Rhianna and Madonna we were very excited to bring them to Pontypridd.

The video for I see Monstas is directed by Josh Cole one of the UK’s biggest directors (Rudimental, Chase and Status). It was filmed in and around Pontypridd, we used local people to star in it and local crew to make this ambitious idea come to life. Filmed over three days with guns, explosions and flying cameras it was a very tough shoot but the results speak for themselves.

The feedback has been fantastic and the final video has been received well. Here’s an interview with Josh where he explains why he loves filming in Wales so much.

Here’s the video, it gets pretty emotional and contains violence.

Atlantic College – Promotional Video

March 11th, 2014

Here’s our latest promotional video that we created for Atlantic College. The unique school is centered in a magnificent medieval castle based in St Donats on the south coast of Wales. The college brings together students from all over the world from contrasting economic and social backgrounds. Through dialogue and social engagement the students teach each other about the world and it’s different cultures.

Atlantic College wanted a video promoting their unique form of education; who better to ask to describe it than some of their own remarkable young students! We ensured we captured the honest thoughts of current pupils to give an open and authentic view of the Atlantic College experience.

Whilst the interviews were important, it was imperative that we captured the marvellous backdrop of where the learning takes place. Walking through the impressive grounds was reminiscent of Hogwarts. There was no end of extraordinary student projects for us to film, such as kayaking and student lead conferences.

Atlantic College is a truly astonishing learning facility and we’re confident that our promotional video reflects this. Check out the video below.