Production Service Company

Are you looking to film in Wales?

Are you an agency that needs a driven production team to deliver?

Wales is an endless resource for filmmaking. We’ve successfully recreated a London council estate, a mining house from 1984 and an empty beach leading to stormy black mountains. The possibilities are infinite!

  • It’s our business to know where to film.
  • We know who to call.
  • We know how to ask.
  • We know how to make things happen!

We’ve built the necessary relationships so you don’t have to.

Local knowledge is the underpinning of any production, and our local knowledge is supreme. We’ve gathered contacts that will deliver unique people, props and locations for your video. Engaging with the local community is part of our ethos, without them our work would be impossible.

“An amazing service company and they are incredible at pulling things together at short notice.

I much prefer the energy to the London film industry in general and I try to shoot there (Wales) for any UK-based work.”

Josh Cole – Award winning director, (Coca Cola, Starbucks, Giff Gaff)