Post – Production

We have fully trained, proficient editors and edit suites here in our studio for you to use. We offer a full post-production service, supplying the edit, grade, mix and delivery in whatever format you need. We have become acclimatized to creating high quality work whilst operating to extremely tight deadlines.

Technical Workflow

A lot can go wrong in post-production. It’s important that we reassure you that our team ensures we have a system in place that accounts for as many eventualities as possible. It is the most important element in editing. If you don’t like an edit it’s not a problem for us to change it. But if you corrupt or loose the footage you’re left with nothing. We see it as a priority that this doesn’t happen on our ship.

Creative Process

The edit will take its bearing from the director and the method they wish to work. Whether it’s over the shoulder editing, remote viewing or a more hands off approach we will accommodate it. The other factor in an edit is time. We’d love if every project could have as much time as possible to get everything perfect. But we know that deadlines do not always allow that. Be assured we will work every conceivable hour to get the job done. Our team really does care about the end result. Here are some examples.