About us

“You can’t start a business with three people. You can’t start a business with no equipment and no money. You can’t start a video production business without working for the BBC for twenty years. And you most certainly can’t call it Like an Egg.”

Against such great advice in the summer of 2010 the three of us started Like an Egg Productions. We made videos for anyone that would let us. Charities, community groups, bands, schools and even a bowls club. We had only one goal. If we make something, it has to be great. We were only as good as our last video. It’s all we had. Alongside this we’d freelance for other people and worked in pubs on the weekend, anything to pay the bills.

After two tough years we found ourselves operating a full time video production business. We had big clients including the Wales Millennium Centre and Welsh Water. More importantly our small business clients kept coming back. We also found ourselves at the forefront of community charity filmmaking, work that still gives us the greatest job satisfaction.

We started to gain a reputation for making great content but also making the impossible possible. This led us to producing music videos for the Manic Street Preachers including Q award winning “Show me the Wonder” and a national TV ad campaign for Giff Gaff.  In 2013 we were awarded the Lloyds TSB Award for Best Business Enterprise in Wales. This was in recognition of our success in growing our commercial enterprise through forming strong links with our community.

In five years a lot has changed. Recently we’ve updated our branding and website. We’ve worked with some amazing clients and employed some very talented people. But we are still called Like an Egg, we still strive to make every video we create great, no exceptions. Most importantly we care passionately about what we do and who we do it for. We love what we do.

Recently we’ve now split what we do into two distinct categories:

Make me a video

This is for all our promotional videos, branding videos, explainer videos, training videos and live streaming. Go here for anything that involves getting a video made for you by the team. Even if you’re not sure we can help, just drop us a message.

Production Services

In this section you’ll see our work as production service company. Our clients here range from Ad agencies to Record Labels and even other production companies. If you need a production company that can deliver then give us a call.


We can’t wait to work with you – Chris, Rob and Keiran (Proving 3 people can start a business together)

Our work speaks for itself but here are some FAQ’s for those wishing to delve a little deeper into our world