Privacy Policy

When you contact Like an Egg Productions we think it’s important you understand what we do with the personal data you supply.

Why we need your data?

You may be contacting us for a variety of different reasons. Whether you are a client or a potential client, it is likely that to begin a dialog you will share some if not all of the following – your name, email, phone number and address. We will use this information to begin or continue a dialog concerning the use of our video-based services. We will not collect any personal data from you we do not need in order to provide and oversee this service to you

What we do with your data?

All emails to and will be processed directly by Keiran McGaughey our Company Director. Emails and any data stored within are stored on his computer and phone for 7 days before being deleted. However, all emails and data within are stored via a Gmail account for a period of 6 years. We will not share this data with anyone else unless you have given your specific consent this includes sharing with other staff within Like an Egg Productions.

How long we keep your data?

Any emails stored on our Gmail platform will be kept for 6 years. After this they will be deleted. If at any time you wish to view or request the data to be erased we will comply within 30 days unless we believe any unlawful information is contained within the emails.

Sending CVs

We often receive CV’s for those looking for potential work or work experience. As these tend to contain more explicit personal data we will ask your consent to store them for 1 year. We find it helpful to have these details on record should anything be available in that period.