How we work

Our Approach

If you are looking for a video production company to create content that will engage and appeal to your audience, then we want to work with you.

We offer an honest, award winning, video production service. We have a quality managed system to ensure we deliver great videos on time and on budget.

The approach we use for our content ensures our videos are bespoke and quality assured for all our clients. Like all successful production companies, our priority is to understand and meet the aims and objectives set out in a brief – on time and on budget.

By choosing Like an Egg you’re guaranteed a team of creative film makers that are passionate about making something special. Alongside our appetite for creating great content is a professional approach embedded in up-to-date technical knowledge and a commitment for meeting deadlines and giving our clients full peace-of-mind service.

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The Process

Creative filmmaking is nothing unless it is well managed and backed up with technical knowledge and good project management. We are able to meet difficult deadlines and ensure absolute commitment to a project. Despite there being possible changes to the project, our level commitment will guarantee that we meet every deadline. We have a workflow that ensures everyone on our team knows what is needed to deliver on time, providing certainty in our client’s happiness with the process and the finished project.

Our team take every project and video personally. We will go above and beyond to obtain the smallest detail that may enhance your project. This is part of the service we deliver at no extra cost. The little details are what guarantees a tremendous result.

Step 1

Tell us what you want via email, phone or in person. Let’s get talking. If you don’t know what you want, tell why you want it or your budget. You can just ask us what we think.

At no charge, we can create a fully costed proposal or just outline the costs. There’s no obligations!

Step 2 Pre-Production

If you decide to use us the time spent in this stage will depend greatly on the scale and scope of the idea. We offer the full creative concept package or can simply provide you with the elements you need for a smooth production process. Each project will be assigned a Project Manager and a Creative Director to bring the idea to life. Full communication and direct responsibility for a project meeting a brief is vital.

Step 3 Production

Depending on the concept we can work in a small 2-3 person multi-skilled team, specialised department heads or full sized crews. We can source locations and artistic talent if required. We have a large range of in-house equipment that brings a cinematic feel to all our work.

Step 4 Post-Production / Editing

Our typical workflow will be – First Cut – Feedback – Second Cut – Feedback – Final Cut. We will always endeavour to work with you to make sure the final product meets your approval. We have access to royalty free music and composers. All our work goes through a picture grade and sound mix that is designed around the platform and video usage. We can deliver in a multitude of finishing formats from broadcast, 4K, UHD, and social media.


When it comes to getting a costing for video production it can be difficult to give figures without knowing what is needed. But we are happy to give estimates based on any information you can give us. For example how long will the film be? How many days filming will be needed? What kind of video are you looking for, do you have any examples? Please call us or email to and we can give you a quote with no obligations.

We will provide full transparency upfront. When we give you a quote we will detail every cost on a separate line. If you feel that there is anything you don’t need, we can remove it.

If you have a budget in mind let us know and we’ll tell you what is possible. We also offer a discount for charities.

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Quality vs Cost

We are always willing to quote from a brief with no obligations. Your quote will always be handled personally by our Video Production Manager, Keiran. We are based in Wales but always happy to discuss ideas and costs in person.

Email your enquiries directly to or call him on 01443 402 596.

Terms and Conditions

Some of our clients provide us with a set contract outlining terms and conditions. However, for most of our work we use our own service agreement. By doing this it’s clear from the start what is being created and the costs involved. This is in the interest of both parties.

We understand that some elements may need to change to accommodate requirements from different organisations. These terms below are a starting point. Please get in touch if you’d like to adapt or change elements before we start working together.

We always start with a brief or treatment and this forms the basis of what we create.

Service Agreement

Like an Egg Productions agrees to produce the video outlined in the project brief unique to each project. The brief will outline the approximate length of the video, the use of the video and what type of format it is required in. It will also outline the aims and objectives of the video. Each brief will include a costing breakdown that will show each element being provided by Like an Egg. By confirming the project via email you agree to pay those costs.

Payment terms

50% before first Day of Production – 50% 30 days from final delivery date. We reserve the right to withhold final delivery until all payments have been made. If at anytime during the course of the project Like an Egg Productions feel these specifications in the brief have changed or elements are added we will alert the client before any work is carried out that will incur any additional costs. Any cost will be agreed via email first.

Late Payments

Unless otherwise specified or regulated, a finance charge of statutory interest will be charged on all past due balances until paid. We will also charge a late fee of £40.

Cancellation or Deviation

If at any point of the project the client chooses to cancel the work you will still be responsible for any costs incurred up to that point. This includes any outlay we have made or have to make, and our time already committed to the project.


The client warrants that it has the right to produce the subject matter to be photographed, filmed, duplicated or distributed. If the subject matter is copyrighted, the customer warrants that it owns the copyright or has express permission of the owner to reproduce the copyrighted subject matter, and that it has not removed any copyright notice from any material to be reproduced without written permission.

1.Final Video(s) On receipt of full payment Like an Egg Productions will assign the copyright of the final video outlined in the brief covering the agreed use over to the client.

2. Raw Footage All materials and data created by Like an Egg over the course of the contract, including, but not limited to, film, data, and digital files, shall remain Like an Egg’s exclusive property. The raw files/rushes can only be made available if agreed before production and will incur an extra cost. This also applies to any creative work that we supply in the form of creative briefs, ideas, concepts, demos, sketches, storyboards, and comprehensive layouts. This footage /material will not be used unless permission is granted by the client.


Like an Egg is not required to store the original footage longer than 30 days after project completion but if requested by the customer, footage can be stored for an additional charge. Like an Egg will not be responsible for any accidental loss or damage to stored material.

Legal Liability

Like an Egg shall be indemnified by the client in respect of any claims, cost and expenses arising out of any libelous matter designed on the client’s instructions or any infringement of copyright. These Conditions and all other express terms of the contracts shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of The United Kingdom.