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How much will an online video cost?

It may sound like a broken record but it really does depend on what exactly you are looking for. Fortunately there is a starting point. I try to make these blogs as open as possible. The aim is show the broad spectrum of what is available and what you can expect from most production companies. When it comes to cost everyone is different.

Unfortunately there isn’t a “recommended retail price.” Therefore I can only address what we charge. We know it’s less expensive than some and more expensive than others. We don’t hide from that. Every cost has been accounted for and represents the quality of work and service our clients receive.

When it comes to making online video the idea is only limited by the budget. We’ve created online videos for tens of thousands of pounds. We love bringing big budget ideas to life. However much of our work is in the £2000-£15,000 bracket.

Here’s a basic outline for a 3-5 minute video with one days filming:

Pre-production/Project Management – £60 per hour

These costs are dependant on the scale of the project and cover preparation time for key elements like scripting or and shot lists. You’ll have a project manager from inception right through to delivery.

Equipment – £300 per day

This gets you all our in-house equipment. Camera kits, lenses, sound kits, sliders, jibs, lighting kits. We are always expanding but all this is included in one cost for most projects. When more specialist kit for a project is needed this will be itemised separately.

2 – 3 person crew – £620-930 per day

We rarely, if ever send out single person crews. We have a duty of quality and standards that we are expected to meet for every video we make. This includes a robust quality method and procedures to minimise technical errors. Each project is assigned a Project Manager and Creative Lead. The Project Manger is your main point of contact handling budgets, schedules and communication. The Creative Lead oversees the creative side of the video. They ensure it meets the brief at every stage. We insist on a level of responsibility and ownership. It’s expected that the people working on your video will be skilful and talented. By encouraging an atmosphere of pride in our method we give our clients the ultimate peace of mind.

Post-production – £350 per day
Storage – £90

For a 3-5 minute online video we allow at least 3-4 days in post-production. But this includes enough time for our clients to make changes and get the video they want. Again this is all about ensuring a peace of mind service. When you spend your budget on creating something, you are putting your trust in our hands. This is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. Our job is done only when you are happy. This cost includes sound mix and picture grading. We do not add any hidden costs to your invoice.


Possible extra costs

The costs above cover the majority of basic costs as a starting point. The best way to get an accurate cost is to drop us an email outlining what you are looking for and we can send you an  no obligation estimate.

The price of videos explained

With so many production companies starting in the last few years, the quotes you receive can be vastly different. We’ve been in competition on jobs where some quotes have been half our price and some more than double our price. I’ve explained previously how important the balance between Cost and Quality is when choosing a production company. But now I’m going to explain where the prices come from.


Although entry-level equipment costs have come down greatly, the fast moving pace of technology means it’s important to keep ahead or at least up to date with the field. A small production company may have a filming kit that costs £20,000+. Over the years this will be upgraded, changed or repaired to keep it in perfect working order. It will also be insured. To account for those costs production companies will charge a small percentage per job. For us it’s £250 for our standard kit. By doing this we are able to ensure our clients have the best equipment that is in full working order.

Some jobs require a lot more equipment that may need to be hired in externally. The hire company dictates these costs. Whether it’s a particular camera or lighting rig, the costs depend on the value of the equipment and are unavoidable.

Post-production can involve thousands of pounds worth of equipment, from computers and software to hard drives. It is important that your production company has the correct licenses for all their editing software. It’s no surprise that post-production costs can run very high. Most small production companies will charge between £250-£350 per day of editing with a trained editor.


For smaller productions that can be crewed in-house there will be set day rates. These are skilled jobs and their daily rate needs to reflect that. If you are paying below £200 for a camera operator you have to question whether they’ll be capable of meeting your objectives.

When it comes to bigger projects where external crew are needed there are union daily rates that must be followed. BECTU provide detailed rates for all film and video crews.


Like any business there are costs that need to be covered. Rent, rates, transport, and admin wages all need to be accounted for. On top of this should be a robust insurance policy that is tailor made for this industry.

Some companies will add these costs into the mark up on the individual costs. Others will add a percentage of the final cost usually around 10-20%.

Just remember if you are going to go with the cheapest check to see exactly what you are getting for your money.

How much money should I spend on a video?

It’s often the case that when businesses decide to make a video they have no idea where to start. Sometimes they have a clear idea of what they want but no idea how much that will cost. Other times they will have a budget but no idea where to start.

So let’s take a look at what you can get for you’re money:

How much will a promotional video for my business cost?

This week I bought a hulk costume for my daughter. Battling the notion that girls have to dress as princesses not superheroes. It took me a while to find what I was looking for but when I did there on the website was a picture of the babygrow and the price. Two clicks and it was mine. Simple.

So why is buying a video for your business never that easy? In fact when you go on a production companies website why can’t you find anyone even talking about costs? The reasons are pretty straightforward:

The price breakdown of a business promotional video

This follows directly on from “How much will a promotional video for my business cost?”

It is hard to breakdown all the costs involved making a video. I’ve tried to outline what we charge to create a short promotional video for your business to give you an idea. But make sure you get a full quote from any production company that outlines all the costs before you agree to anything.By showing you our prices hopefully this will give you a starting point

How much does a music video cost?

We’ve made videos for huge record labels like Warner Brothers and Sony as well as for indie labels and even directly for unsigned bands. For newcomers, figuring out how much a video will cost them can be quite tricky. Searching online can leave you with a lot of conflicting information and not many figures. It’s strange because it’s actually very simple.

The budget comes first and the budget informs the idea. This is how big record labels do it and there is no reasons why unsigned bands can’t do the same.

Why are the quotes I’m getting for corporate videos so different?

Image source

This is a huge question but we often find that when a client gets a few quotes for the same project the prices can still be very different. With the changes this industry has seen in the last ten, five even two years, it’s not really surprising at all. I’m not going to go into what you should be looking for when choosing a production company (that will be a blog for the future). I just want to shine a light on the changes that have happened in our industry. And there is one big factor that has revolutionised video production in the corporate market – technology.

It’s hard to explain how quick technology moves in video without going into a huge amount of detail that will most likely bore you to death. So I’m going to try and keep this simple and relate it to as many as possible on how this is effecting your quotes.