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Why is it important to use the Welsh Language in your films?

If you’re a Welsh company hoping to have a video made or even a company hoping to appeal to the Welsh communities, we would highly recommend having your video feature the Welsh language.

Approximately a quarter of Wales can read, write or speak fluently through the medium of Welsh and by including the Welsh language in your videos, you are automatically appealing to this wider audience. Your video will appeal to a larger audience just through including the option of a Welsh-language version.

Not only is your video appealing to a wider audience, but it will also emphasize your support within Wales and Welsh communities. Through using the language, you are promoting the individuality and ability that Wales has. This will allow you to become more approachable to different communities within Wales, especially those that have a great passion for preserving the heritage of Wales and keeping the language alive. These types of communities may be ones that you have not previously targeted or appealed to and through supporting them in their passions you are opening your company up to them as clients.

There is no need to worry if there is nobody within your organization that can speak fluent Welsh as there are numerous creative ways to incorporate the Welsh language into your film without having to double your costs! There are also services provided that will allow you to successfully present the Welsh language through your video. For example, should you choose to work with us, we are able to guide you in choosing the best possible ways to introduce the language into your work and are also able to provide the service of certified translators.

In summary, introducing the Welsh language not only helps you broadcast your support for our country but also allows you to appeal to demographics that have previously not been approached.

Can I use copyrighted music on my video?

When finding out what music you are allowed to use on your video, you can enter a minefield of conflicting information. But the truth isn’t that complicated.

Copyrighted music is anything written and/or composed by musicians. For you to use that music on your video as a business or organisation legally, you need to acquire permission.

What if I’m not happy with the video?

So you’ve paid to have a video made and so far the planning and filming went off without a hitch. You are naturally excited to see the first edit. Sometimes that first edit is more or less perfect. It does everything you want and you couldn’t be happier. However in the majority of cases there will always be something you don’t like. Video is an organic process and as much as you plan and script, editing is a creative process on it’s own.

Animation vs. Live-Action Corporate Videos

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There are so many options today for how you want your promotional video to look and sound. One of the choices you may need to make is whether your video will work best as a live action video or as an animated or graphics-based video. Occasionally we have been asked to pitch ideas for live action promos or explainer videos, only to advise them an animation would likely serve them better. This article will try to briefly address some of the pros and cons to help give you a better idea during the decision process.

Top 6 things to remember when making a music video

1. Most people watch videos for the music

When you make a music video it’s important to remember that it’s a Music video and the focus for the audience will be the music. Yes there will be those who appreciate a compelling video. There will be those who prefer to see as well as hear their favourite artists. But for many, viewing a music video is just another easy way to listen to their favourite tracks. An amazing video with a mediocre track wont get a lot of traction, a hit song with a mediocre video will still get played again and again by fans.  It will always be the music that is at the forefront of getting the view count ticking over.

However that’s not to say a great video is not important. The video after all is designed to sell the song. But when you plan your video try not to lose focus from the music. The best videos will always compliment the music, thematically and in the edit.

Why do we use two cameras on promo videos?

On every Like an Egg promotional video we tend to use a minimum of two cameras, it’s a simple rule that we always like to adhere to. A lot of other crews out there prefer to shoot with a main camera and a B-camera to cover all their bases, and we’ve also found this as the best formula for us. There are a number of reasons for the use of multiple cameras and we’ll explain them in this article.

Who owns the raw video footage?

This post follows on directly from the article entitled ‘Who owns the video I had made?’ So if you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here!

When I say footage I mean all the footage/shots recorded in the entire filming process, sometimes called the “raw footage.” This question is perhaps much more contentious with clients and production companies. Crucially it shouldn’t have to be. As I wrote in the previous article this is something that needs to be discussed and agreed before any production begins. Getting the question of ownership in writing before hand is essential to make sure you don’t find yourself in different positions.

In the TV and film industry it is standard practice to ensure contracts are in place for the creator, the director and all the creative influence (i.e. Camera, costume, make up etc.) to assign copyright over to the producer. When creating something with multiple people it is essential the issue of who owns the footage is cleared up before any filming is started.

Who owns the video I had made?

It’s always surprising how often this comes up in discussions with clients and fellow production companies. And the truth is different production companies will have different terms and conditions laid out to cover this. We know of some clients who’ve had videos made for them in the past where ownership has become a big problem. We have also encountered our own issues when it comes to uncertainty of who owns what footage. So regardless what is written in the next few paragraphs, the most important advice we can give is to get the issue of ownership addressed before you agree to anything.

How long will it take to make a video?

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Our film making process is methodical; we have hatched an effective framework that we apply to each of our projects. Each job differs, but this article aims to help you develop an insight into the timescales in which we make our videos.

Once you’ve made contact with us, we will set up a meeting to discuss your video idea. We could meet at your place of work, at our studio or we could converse over the phone, the choice is yours. Once we understand your idea, recognise what you want and where we’re filming, we can set about creating a solid brief to adhere to.

This brief will also contain the preliminary dates for filming, editing and finishing touches to the video. Before the project begins you will have the full timescale of the work, from the first day of planning through to the final delivery date. These dates and times could change, that is the nature of this business. Any changes will of course be discussed and agreed with you prior to them being made.

Planning the video is key as it allows us to put the dates and times into our work schedule. We would recommend contacting us a couple of months in advance if you would like us to film a specific event or experience. If you contact us at short notice we will strive to fit your project into our workflow. Also, things such as voice over work, original music scores and special filming equipment (if you require them) will need to be planned and booked in advance. Here is an outline of our Costs

Whether you have a deadline of six months or one week, consult with us for free and we’ll discuss if your idea is feasible. We are capable of a quick turnaround when making videos. In the past we’ve managed to shoot, edit and distribute a promo or a music video in a couple of days. We can achieve this speed of production when needed, but we recommend a slightly longer process. This allows you to have the time to consult with us and with others to ensure we’re creating the video that the brief requested.

The length of time filming a video can vary greatly, depending on what exactly you want us to shoot and where. We are capable of filming enough footage and the interviews for a promotional video in a single day of shooting. Our crew have experience of filming events or workplaces whilst also conducting efficient interviews. If you need us to film on separate days this is fine, we’re adaptable and want to ensure we capture everything you want for your video.

We like to allow for three days of editing per one day of filming. The first two days of editing is spent logging the footage, structuring and putting the piece together. The third day is spent making any amendments that you’ve requested, levelling the sound and exporting the piece into the formats you’ve requested. However we understand that sometimes timetables won’t allow this. We have a huge experience in turning round projects very quickly. For example this project for Welsh Water was edited in one day.

We understand that sometimes our ideal process won’t suit your schedule. We are always ready to adapt to suit your needs. If you are ever making a video with a production company it’s vital to set out a deadline at the beginning. It’s our job to make it happen.