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Best things about filming in Wales

Being a video production company based in Wales has quite a few advantages. Though sometimes we’re asked whether we’d be better off being based somewhere like London. But with Wales’ film and video industries growing, not to mention the incredible diversity of locations, why would we go anywhere else?

Here’s a list of what we think are the best reasons to be filming in Wales.

Best Video Production Service Companies in Wales

Our blogs are all about opening up our process and showing exactly how our industry works. Making your first video can seem like an endless road of misdirection, confusion, technical rubbish and unexplained costs. It’s important you receive a quality product and service from a company you can trust.

Most of our work is done in-house. If you are looking to find out more information about make a promotional, corporate or training video please get in touch or check out our work.

We are proudly based in Wales but film all over the UK.  We know you want the best video production company you can get and it’s important you find the right fit for you.

We understand because when we need to call on our family of crew and suppliers for larger projects, we want the best too. But we also want people and companies we can trust and get on with.

So here is a list of suppliers in South Wales we use if the project requires it.

Firebug Lighting

When it comes to film lighting there is only one company we turn to. Previously Hayes studios and now rebranded as Firebug, Mark is the king Gaffer in Wales. They have an impressive CV of work but it only takes 20 seconds of meeting Mark to know he is your gaffer for life. They also have a very cool studio in Barry.


Films supply most of the big TV productions in Wales. But they also supply us with some great specialised kit when we need it. The best thing about Films@59 is their technical knowledge. Chris has spent hours talking about the latest kit and cameras to come out. It makes hiring gear a real pleasure.

Spartan Audio

When it comes to live event filming or streaming we always turn to our friends at Spartan Audio. When a supplier feels as strongly and passionately about sound as we do about video there is no turning back. Working in a live environment is 80% problem solving. It’s in those moments where these guys thrive. They’re great to have on your team.

Long Row Audio

We used to be based opposite this recording studio. It can be quite daunting entering the world of recording studios but not with Dan at Long Row Audio. It’s where we do all our voice overs. No fuss, no egos, no messing. Great prices, great service.

photo by Tom Sparey

What is transcoding?

Post-production can take a long time. From the initial edit, feedback, alterations, sound mixing and colour grading, the entire process can take days or weeks to complete. In a tight schedule, an experienced editor can usually get the job done in the shortest time possible. But there’s one potentially lengthy process an editor’s skill won’t have any impact on. That process is transcoding.

6 Tips When Uploading a Video

Uploading a video is a fairly simple process once you know how. But all too often people assume the job is done once the upload button is clicked. Unfortunately without the right approach the video is at risk of being quickly forgotten, left to wander the lonely corners of the Internet, unwatched and unloved. In this article I’ll explain a few tips for getting the most out of your videos once they’re uploaded.

How much money should I spend on a video?

It’s often the case that when businesses decide to make a video they have no idea where to start. Sometimes they have a clear idea of what they want but no idea how much that will cost. Other times they will have a budget but no idea where to start.

So let’s take a look at what you can get for you’re money:

5 Problems when making a video

The very nature of making videos means problems are inevitable. Each video will have its own issues that arise of the course of the project. A good production company should be skilled in tackling most things that are thrown at them. However there are common problems that should be red-flags for anyone having a video made. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what to look out for when choosing the company to make your videos.

Live Streaming vs Real Time Edit

The advancement in technology means live streaming your events has become a much more affordable option than ever before. The price difference is now marginal.

This means whether you choose to stream your event live or upload it post event you really need to consider the audience and the purpose of the video first. But it’s always good to understand what the potential problems are and what the benefits of each bring to the table.

Can I use copyrighted music on my video?

When finding out what music you are allowed to use on your video, you can enter a minefield of conflicting information. But the truth isn’t that complicated.

Copyrighted music is anything written and/or composed by musicians. For you to use that music on your video as a business or organisation legally, you need to acquire permission.